Extreme CMT Product Info

Engine & Gear

  • CMT was originally developed and performance tested for the racing community by a performance engine builder with 35 years of experience.

  • CMT uses a proprietary lubricant base carrier to reach the metal surfaces and is safe to use in full synthetic and non synthetic oils.

  • CMT removes performance reducing carbon deposits, decreases friction, forms carbides, and polishes and renews all metal surfaces.

  • CMT reduces: friction, drag, fluid oxidation and exhaust emissions.

  • CMT increases: both engine life and performance, cylinder compression, fuel economy, acceleration and horsepower.

Gearbox Analysis

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Fuel Treatment

Extreme CMT Fuel Boost & Conditioner is an extremely well developed additive for gas and diesel engines. It cleans the fuel system, helps clean combustion chambers, intake valves and lowers exhaust temps., increases fuel efficiency and lowers emissions while improving fuel quality. Studies show up to 6% better fuel mileage, up to 16% lower emissions and up to 8% more H.P.

Clean & Shine

The unique formulation dissolves dirt and stains such as summertime bugs, tree sap, dust, salt, road grime and more. Special lubricating agents encapsulate the dirt so that it can easily be wiped off a vehicle's delicate surface without scratching. It also leaves a protective film that provides gloss, color enhancement and smoothness that conventional cleaners fail to deliver. 


1000's of uses around the home, shop, garages, business, track and more...

Weapons Lube

  • Lubricates trigger and barrel assemblies as well as folding knives. 

  • Reduces friction on trigger pull and increases the trajectory accuracy of the munitions. 

  • Reduces barrel heat.

  • Improves cold shot accuracy.

  • Nano Ceramic material bonds to the barrel to fill porosity of the metal. 

  • With continued use of CMT Weapons Lube , the metal surfaces become smoother and harder.

Weapons testing Analysis

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Recommended for CV joints, wheel bearings, including disc brake applications, fifth wheels, U-joints, steering linkage, and chassis lubricant. 

The adhesive and water resistance qualities of this grease make it an ideal chassis lubricant for "off-road" use.