What We Do

We have the experience, machines and tools to build, balance, and blueprint engines in house from the top domestic, import, and euro engines. ‚Äč




We can fully customize any engine build from Blown Nitro, Road Racing, Drift, Marine or even just an OEM rebuild, we got you covered.

Machining & BluePrinting

Here at Gipsonmotorworks we have every machine and specialty tool to get your engine precisely machined and ready to be assembled, weather you just want your engine machined or have us fully take care of your engine needs, we simply do it all. 


If you have that project you have always wanted to build, or simply don't have the time to build it yourself just let us know your plans and we will get the job done. 

Raceday Prep

Call and make an appointment to book us for race day prep and track side assistance. We have experience with all types of track side assistance from Drag, Road Racing, Off Road, Boat Racing or whatever competitive motorsport you need help with.